1 Paire 16MM émetteur et récepteur Ultrason

4.000 TND(TTC)

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TCT40-16R / T (diameter 16mm)
Nominal frequency (KHz): 40KHz
Emission sound pressure at10V (0dB = 0.02mPa): ≥ 117dB
Receiver sensitivity at40KHz (0dB = V / ubar): ≥-65dB
Capacitance at1KHz, <1V (PF): 2000 ± 30%
One is to receive, one for the transmitter, the transceiver of the body, T is the transmitter, R receive
Transceiver, said the sale is not stripping.
The price is the price one pair transceiver.

Note: T  means transmit, R means receiver

Package Included:
1 x transmit sensor
1 x receive sensor