3S 20A Li-ion Lithium Battery 18650 Charger PCB BMS Protection Board Cell 12.6V

8.700 TND(TTC)

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Suitable range: for nominal voltage 3.6 V 3.7 V lithium battery (including 18650,26650, lithium polymer batteries) Product
size: 64mm x 20mm x 3.4mm
Material: Metal
Charging voltage: 12.6 V
Maximum output current: 20A
Maximum output power / charging power: 252 W
1. strictly according to the wiring diagram: 0 V / 4.2 V / 8.4 V / 12.6 V, otherwise it will damage the chip.
2. after connection, you must first load the activation, then have the output.
Do not mix the right battery with the wrong battery to be used.
The internal resistance of 3 closer battery capacities will be better.
Please, buyers know the professional knowledge of this module before purchasing

Package Included:
1 x PCB Protection Board