Module amplificateur numérique haute puissance DC 8V-24V Mono classe D 4-8ohm pour haut-parleur 30W-300W carte amplificateur de puissance Audio

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1>. Working voltage range width
2>. Applicable multiple type speakers
3>. Support for output on / off
3. Parameters:
1>. Product Name: DY-AP3001 Digital Amplifier Module
2>. Model: DY-AP3001
Voltage 3> .Work: DC 8V-24V
4>. Working mode: class D
5> .Channel: Mono
6>. Input: Audio input
7>. Output power:
7.1>. Output power 30W at 16V 4ohm
7.2>. 20W output power at 12V 4ohm
7.3>. Output power 10W at 12V 8ohm
7.4>. Output power 15W at 16V 8ohm
7.5>. Output power 25W at 24V 8ohm
8> .Match speaker (30W ~ 300V):
8.1> .4ohm at 8V ~ 16V
8.2> .8ohm at 8V ~ 24V
9>. Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
10>. Working humidity: 0% ~ 95% RH
11>. Module size: 26 * 22 * ​​10mm
4. Steps of use:
1>. Choose the right speaker and connect as shown in the wiring diagram.
2>. Connect to the right power supply of the input terminal.
1>. Modified speaker
2>. Amplifier equipment
3>. Car device
1>. Pay attention to the protection of static electricity.
2>. Recommended supply voltage DC 8 ~ 24V. The Module will be damaged if the input voltage is higher than 26V.
3>. The input voltage cannot exceed 16V if you connect a 4ohm speaker.
4>. The input voltage cannot exceed 24V if you connect an 8ohm speaker.
5>. It is recommended to use a power supply of 2A or more.
6>. The positive and negative poles of the input supply cannot be reversed otherwise the module will be damaged.
7>. Please do not use excessively long wires to avoid signal interference.
8>. It is recommended to use a speaker above 30W to avoid damaging the speaker.
9>. Please read the user manual and description before use.
7. Frequently asked questions:
1>. Speaker ‘pu ~’ after power on, then no response.
1.1>. Try reducing the input voltage to restart.
1.2>. Check if the speaker impedance is 4ohm ~ 8ohm. Maybe the impedance is too small.
1.3>. Check the power. Make sure its input current is more than 2A.
2>. There is noise during playback.
2.1>. Change the sound source and check if the sound source has its own noise.
2.2>. Use a shielded audio cable.
2.3>. Change speaker.
2.4>. Change the power adapter.
3>. The Module becomes hot and smokes.
3.1>. The speaker power is too low. Change the high power speakers or reduce the signal input.
8. Package:
1> .1 piece DY-AP3001 Digital amplifier module
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