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Roulements à mouvement linéaire LM25UUOP 25 * 40 * 59mm Type ouvert LM25 LM 25mm Roulement linéaire LM25UU OP

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The LM model linear bushing is a linear motion system used in combination with a cylindrical LM shaft To perform an infinite straight motion. The balls in the loaded area of ​​the nut are in contact with the LM. This allows a straight movement with minimal resistance to friction and high precision And smooth movement despite the low admissible load.

Model: LM25UUOP
Ball track: 6
Diameter of the inscribed circle: 25mm
Outlet diameter: 40mm
Length: 59mm
Output lock: 41mm
Dynamic Cr: 100 kgf
Static horn: 160 kgf
Weight: 177g