Carte TF U Disque MP3 Format Décodeur Carte Amplificateur Décodage Module Lecteur Audio

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Superior sound quality.Onboard 2W mono amplifier(5V power of up to 3W) is directly connected to the speaker (recommendation 4 Ω 3W speakers),3.5mm gold plated headphone jack can connect with headphones or external audio.
With a MicroUSB port.Through the mobile phone data line can use mobile power supply or the USB cable to charge the MP3 battery,also can use 3.7V lithium battery,or USB 5V power supply.
Support TF Card (mobile phone memory card) and U disk play mode.
No soldering with speaker terminals for easy wiring.
The module is designed to facilitate modification.
Support MP3 format, playing power on automatically.When mp3 is played the red LED flashes.
Support U disk (test 32G), TF Card (test 16G) play mode; power on default TF card mode, if the TF card does not exist automatically jump to the U disk mode,and both devices have installed,then you can manually set the play mode.For details please see the key operating instructions.
Buttons can be adjusted up and down to control songs,volume up and down, pause or play, mode switching.For details please see the key operating instructions.
Press menu button enter the single/all song play mode.The default mode  is the all song mode when power up.Pressing the Repeat button can replace the circulating mode.

Operating  Instructions:

“Prev / V–” button: “Press” for switching previous song, “long press” for volume down
“Next/v++” button: “Press” for switching next song, “long press” for volume up.
“P / P / Mode” button: “Press” for the “Play/Pause” Switch, “long press” for U disk, TF card mode.
“Repeat” button: “Press” for “single/all song” mode(no long press)

1.”Long press” approximate 2S.
2 .If you use U disk mode, it is recommended 5V power supply, and some U disk does not support 3.7V power supply.

Package Included:

1 X TF Card U Disk MP3 Format Decoder Board