1. Electronic Design and Manufacturing Services

Our Comprehensive Services to get to Market Faster

Product DevelopmentContract Manufacturing
Design for ManufacturabilityPrototype Industrialization
Cost OptimizationSBC Customization
System UpgradesCertification & Compliance Testing
Marketing PrototypesSupply Chain Integration

Accelerate your innovation with  ELECTRONIC SHOP Design & Manufacturing Services

From concept to design, through prototype to production, ELECTRONIC SHOP Design and Manufacturing Services can support every aspect of your electronic and embedded design process. As specialists, we provide full turnkey product development and medium to high-volume manufacturing services.

Our unique knowledge and expertise in hardware and software development, manufacturing and compliance test certifications has helped ELECTRONIC SHOP  become a trusted design partner to many of the world’s leading  aerospace, military, automotive, industrial and consumer markets.

We work very closely and integrate with our customer as an extension of their available engineering resources and knowledge to get their ideas into reality and faster to market.

2. Start-Ups | Design and Manufacturing Services

Do you have  electronics project that you would like to productize and commercialize?

As part of our commitment to innovative hardware start-ups, we can collaborate with you early in the product development cycle and offer a package of services specifically tailored to your needs.

Our end-to-end design and manufacturing capabilities enable you to focus on your core product development and revenue generation activities.